Harkara Movie review – Go watch it!

Harkara, released in October 2023 on Amazon Prime, is a Tamil movie that takes audiences on a nostalgic journey into India’s rich postal history, particularly honoring the unsung heroes of the postal department known as Dak runners or Harkaras. I watched the Hindi dubbed version.

Who are Harkaras:

Initially appointed to deliver letters and crucial messages to British army officers in exile, these runners played an essential role in conveying important information to the most remote areas. Known for their physical strength and reliability, there’s a famous saying about them: “Their journey begins where the road ends.” They carried letters in their sack braving the difficult terrains. They were also akin to today’s BBC reporters, carrying significant information from one village to another. Though dak runners have been forgotten today, they were pioneers who paved the way for roads, as they were the only ones who knew the routes to the most inaccessible areas. Life-threatening situations such as encounters with ferocious wild animals, bandits, floods, and avalanches couldn’t stop them. They travelled with a lantern, a sharp spear with bells, and sheer determination.

Movie Review & Rating:

Harkara depicts parallel stories from the British era and modern times: one follows a frustrated postman seeking escape from a remote village, while the other revolves around the tale of a village folk hero who changes his heart.

The movie vividly depicts Rudyard Kipling’s poem, showcasing an encounter between a dacoit and a dak runner, drawing a parallel between the challenges faced by both under the British Raj. This encounter highlights how both were victims of the same oppressive system, each navigating the harsh environment in their own way.

The storyline of Harkara is beautifully woven to depict the crucial role of these dak runners in the struggle for independence. Additionally, the film sheds light on the indigenous folk culture of rural areas, illustrating how a folk hero rose to the status of a village deity, or “Gram Devta,” instilling strength, hope, and a sense of justice within the community. These stories, passed down orally through generations, help maintain cultural roots and traditions.

Certainly, the movie has a few moments where it struggles to fully grip the audience, but it is still well worth watching. This movie must be appreciated for choosing such a unique topic, offering a glimpse into the proud history of the Indian postal service and the lives of these unsung heroes. Watch it for its compelling concept, breathtaking cinematography, and insightful portrayal of indigenous culture.

I’m not an expert, but as an ardent lover of culturally-based movies, this is just my personal opinion.

My Ratings:

Concept & Cinematography: Outstanding

Acting: Amazing by both protagonist

Story: Less gripping

Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5



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