“PURE GOLD”- Puri Golden Beach…

When the rising sun and enormous sea playfully gush golden sand, waking up 5 am seems so worthwhile. Sunrise at beaches are always beautiful and magnificent but this golden beach compels us little more to live and little more to experience.

I am certainly not a 5 am person and I had to literally drag myself out bed to get up that early to see the rising sun at Puri’s Golden beach, though I didn’t know it would be life changing for me. At 5 am there were not many people yet, people whose life line is nothing but the sea wandered there, some sea shell sellers, some camel riders…..and few who has slept at the beach last night in old torn clothes and off course few arrived who were continuously clicking the camera button of their cellphone screens with their back towards sun. Sun was rising slowly and miles of scattered sand was gradually turning into gold, Pure gold…The first ray of sun touched those bodies who slept at the beach last night, they woke up, folded their arms, bowed their heads to the mighty sun. Maybe they were thanking god for waking up to this beautiful morning, for being alive… and off course those people with expensive cellphones were still busy taking selfies….

Such awakening experiences make you realize what actually we are losing  in the rat race of accumulating material things.

This beach is located in Puri which is very close to Jagannath Temple, a most revered Hindu Temple.

Golden beach Puri,Orissa.

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