The worst place I have ever come across to take photographs…

Oh yes,this was the worst place I have ever come across to take photographs,to make you believe lets take you through the visual tour.Imagine a quaint place with dense pine trees and the majestic Himalaya in the backdrop,small lake in the middle struggling for it’s identity to be called as lake or a mere plain ground layered with snow,just like me…the morning sun was still caressing the snow clad trees,and the dripping snow from the sharp corners of the pine leaves was gradually unraveling the beauty and mysteries of nature to me.There, a “click” of the camera could have rattled me to reality that a person like me would have never wanted.I wanted to sit there more,Stare at those trees more,wanted to have unending conversations,wanted to share my inhibitions and phobias without uttering a word and knowing that I will be understood without judgments….

This little dreamland was like an serendipity to me, I had plans to visit bahu village and nearby villages to cover a valley festival, I was lost in the thoughts of the colors and the beauty of the festival of valley that I was going to attend for the first time and on the way “THIS PLACE” happened to me.I am glad it did.If you are also of places less travelled,just to know you This breathtaking view is just above the bahu village.When you look down you can see bahu village with a handful of houses with splendid local architecture  that is considered more than 1000 years old. Bahu is traditional Himalayan community in banjar.

I still want to close my eyes and want to feel I belong nowhere,that would give me a remote chance to belong to places like this somewhere in some corner of this beautiful country.Yes,this place is indeed the worst place to take photographs,this was the place to embrace the true “YOU”…..


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