Skyfull of Rhododendrons!! – Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Binsar wildlife sanctuary – A PARADISE FOR BIRD WATCHERS,as most of the tourist sites mention it, but what if you fail to spot plethora of bird species because of season, time ,or for that instant, you are not an avid bird watcher. Would you still go to this place? I would, again and again…for Rhododendrons!!!

A welcoming shower of these bright red flower would delight you, as you enter Binsar bird sanctuary.Camouflaged dried leaves on earth, and a sprinkle of napping red petals will accompany you through out your trail into wilderness.Rhododendrons have been inspiring many writers, poets and artists for centuries.

No doubt, Binsar Wildlife sanctuary is abode of several species of birds and animals, but certainly, it has more to offer than this. It lies over densely forested Jhandi Dhar hills of Kumaon region approx 30 km from Almora. As you move forward, the forest gets denser and denser. It’s a beautiful trail surrounded by pine,oak and of course Rhododendrons. This trek takes around 40-50 mins to complete,by the end of the trek you will be exhausted but then you get a glimpse of majestic Himalaya and you just keep staring at this spectacular panoramic view of snow clad peaks of majestic Nanda Devi, Kedarnath, Trishul and Nanda Kot. KMVN resort is located inside Binsar, bird sanctuary and it is the best option if you want to experience the enchanting beauty of nature.

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