Ultimate guide for solo female travelers in Himachal Pradesh

Solo traveling is a liberating experience. It is not only about discovering a new place alone but also discovering self, and knowing, just how capable you are”. If you are a female and planning to travel solo since long to Himachal, here I am sharing crucial tips with my experience.

Top 10 tips for solo female travelers:

  1. Break that mental block: “You are way more capable than you think.” If you really want to do it, be confident and go for it, and by the end of the trip you will be amazed by your own capabilities. So, breaking the mental block was the first step, let’s find out other crucial aspects as well.
  2. Do your homework: Himachal Pradesh is full of beautiful unexplored destinations, so you need to be very sure about which part of the Himachal you will be travelling.Make yourself aware of the nearest police station.Essentially, do your research and be ready with your trip’s complete itinerary before leaving.
  3. Stay: There are immense options in Himachal for stay, specially home-stays. These home-stays not only provide you homely environment but also make you acquainted with local food and culture. But before finalizing speak to their owners, read ratings and reviews, and don’t forget to write reviews at the end of your journey to help fellow female travelers:)
  4. Connectivity: If you are traveling to a remote location ask you hotel person about the mobile network available (not all networks work there).
  5. Respect local customs & Traditions: After traveling many remote places in Himachal, I have realized, mountain people take immense pride in their cultures. Show respect to their culture and customs even if, sometimes, you have a different point of view on it.
  6. Pack light: There are many beautiful places where you will be required to trek, so no need for that extra load, remember there will no one to help you with your luggage, even when you are tired.
  7. Shoes: Don’t forget to wear/carry mountain shoes.When I traveled first time,I had to borrow shoes from my Home-stay owner:)
  8. Hire local travel Guide: In case you are hiring a local travel guide, speak to him before you reach there and clear your doubts. They are very helpful. Most home-stays provide local guides, know about them before you reach there.
  9. Mode of transport: This step is very important if your location is remote. Chances are that your public transport will not drop you at the exact location. So, speak to your hotel/home-stay about reaching there.
  10. Keep your loved ones informed: Last but not the least, always keep your close ones informed about your itinerary day wise.

Note: I’m sharing must visit destinations, only the less-touristy and safe to travel places here (according to my experience) – McLeodganj, Banjar Valley, Jibhi, Kasol and Dharamshala.

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